1. Definitions

In these general conditions on the use of HAN University’s ICT facilities the following definitions apply:

1.1 University: HAN University;

1.2 ICT facilities: computer and network facilities of HAN University, including the university network and the connections with other networks, and computer facilities which are not connected with the network, and current and future services offered to users which enable users to communicate through the university network and connected networks;

1.3 User: a person using an ICT facility of the university;

1.4 HANaccount: the combination of a logincode and the matching password.

2. Use

2.1 The user can only use the ICT facilities after permission has been granted to him/her by the university.

2.2 The user may use the ICT facilities in fairness and reasonableness.

2.3 The user is not allowed to use the ICT facilities for actions and/or behaviour contrary to the law, good manners, public order and these general conditions. This includes among other things but not exclusively the following actions and behaviour:

  • sending unwanted mail (spamming);
  • infringement of copyright publications or other violations of intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • dissemination of (child) pornography;
  • sexual intimidation or harassment of persons;
  • deliberate dissemination of harmful software, such as computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses;
  • unauthorised access of an ICT facility whereby the user violates security systems and/or gains access by a technical intervention aided by false signals or a false key, or by using a false identity;
  • without permission enabling third parties availability of an ICT facility;
  • using, leaving or abandoning an ICT facility so that others are given the opportunity to abuse the ICT facility.

2.4 Users are not allowed to make a disproportionate claim on provided ICT facilities. University employees can provide guidelines.

2.5 Users are not allowed to use facilities for commercial purposes.

2.6 Users are obliged to comply with the general instructions given by or on behalf of the university for the use of ICT facilities. When using the facilities, directions provided by university employees should be acted upon immediately.

3. Access

3.1 The HANaccount is strictly personal and cannot be transferred. The user is obliged to keep his HANaccount secret and to take all reasonable measures to safeguard the HANaccount.

3.2 Users are obliged to immediately communicate abuse of their HANaccount to the university, using HAN-CERT (cert@han.nl).

3.3 The user is responsible for all actions made on his or her HANaccount.

3.4 Users are not allowed to gain access to data of other users, or to take efforts to gain higher privileges or authorisations other than those assigned to them.

3.5 Should the university observe that more than one person uses the same access code to access the ICT facilities, the university can lawfully and immediately undertake measures.

3.6 The university will make every effort to safeguard access to data stored by users. The university is not liable to any damage with regard to the safeguard of data that may occur despite of taken precautions.

3.7 The user should immediately communicate changes of user data, which are relevant to the use of the ICT facilities, to the university. In cases of neglect, the user is liable to possible damage the university may suffer as a consequence.

3.8 Should users offend the rules with regard to the ICT facilities, the university can lawfully and immediately deny access to the ICT facilities. Furthermore, the university will lawfully hold the user liable for damage the university may suffer as a consequence.

4. Availability and accessibility

4.1 The university will make every effort to maintain availability and accessibility of the ICT facilities at a level as high as possible.

4.2 The university can lawfully and without prior notice (temporarily) put the ICT facilities out of use and/or confine the use for as long as necessary to maintain these systems.

4.3 Scheduled maintenance will be communicated as timely as possible.

4.4 The university is not liable for inaccessibility of the ICT facilities due to unforeseen circumstances (force majeure), such as disturbance of the internet or the telecommunication infrastructure of any operator, power failure and other disturbances beyond the power of the university.

4.5 The university is not liable for any damage the user may suffer as a consequence of non-functioning, malfunctioning, untimely functioning, or incomplete functioning of the ICT facilities.

5. Remaining conditions

5.1 The university can lawfully change these conditions one-sidedly.

5.2 Changes will be announced in writing and/or via e-mail and/or on the HAN University website. Changes will apply thirty days after announcement or on a later date as mentioned in the announcement.

5.3 The user is liable for all damage the university may suffer as a consequence of shortcomings that can be attributed to the user in the acting upon the obligations resulting from these conditions.

5.4 The user will not hold the university liable for claims of third parties referring damage occurring in any way by unlawful or inaccurate use of the ICT facilities by or on behalf of the user.

5.5 Users acting contrary to lawful conditions will be prosecuted.

6. These conditions are subject to Dutch law.